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Unified Customer Intelligence platform for Multi-location businesses

Eclipse is a generative AI platform tailored to the business needs of franchise and businesses with multiple locations. It enables teams to ensure brand consistency and retention, by location. Our platform consolidates and analyses omnichannel voice of customer data across your entire network of locations. Providing visibility, insights and actionable intelligence to drive consistency and growth.

Our mission? To empower multi-location businesses to proactively improve customer loyalty

Eclipse AI is dedicated to empowering multi-location businesses and franchise groups to enhance customer experiences and strengthen customer loyalty. In the complex landscape of franchise operations or multi-location businesses, analysing voice-of-customer data from myriad interactions across locations like surveys, reviews, chat logs, and phone calls can be overwhelming. Our platform is specifically designed for these challenges, enabling your teams to seamlessly unify and analyse customer data across channels and locations. By leveraging the power of generative AI, we simplify turning vast amounts of customer interaction data into actionable insights, thereby significantly improving customer engagement and loyalty at scale.

Where we came from


Founded in 2021, Eclipse AI was born out of their frustration that it took CX teams hours and weeks of effort to collate and analyse voice-of-customer data from different channels (surveys, online reviews, tickets, calls, chats) and locations. The first problem was consolidating the voice-of-customer data which was so fragmented. The second problem was analysing that data and turning it into actionable insights to improve customer experience across multiple locations.

Bill and Saad were ex-CX management consultants who worked with more than 100 multi-location businesses in helping them solve the above problems by hand. But hiring CX management consultants is not economical and doesn’t deliver a lasting change. The idea behind building Eclipse AI was to leverage generative AI to help multi-location businesses economically unify their siloed voice-of-customer data and turn it into actionable intelligence that proactively improves customer loyalty. That’s where Munib came in to help build the tech. 

Today, our platform is used by the world’s best-loved customer-centric companies who use it to gain a competitive edge in their respective markets.

Meet our leaders behind Unified Customer Intelligence

Saad Irfani

Chief Executive Officer

Bill Bates

Chief Strategy Officer

Munib Tahir

Chief Technology Officer

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Turn siloed customer interactions into retention and revenue intelligence

Eclipse AI consolidates and analyzes omnichannel voice of customer data across different channels. Providing visibility, insights and actionable intelligence to drive revenue and growth.

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