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Improving Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in a Multi-Location Hospitality Business

Our client was a multi-location hotel chain with properties in various tourist destinations across Australia. They offered a range of accommodation options, dining, and recreational activities. To maintain a competitive edge and boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, our client decided to invest in Eclipse AI to collect and analyze Voice of Customer data from different channels, including surveys, calls, emails, reviews, and support tickets.

The challenge


  • Diverse customer expectations: With properties in multiple locations, our client faced the challenge of catering to a diverse customer base, each with unique preferences and expectations. 

  • Inconsistent service quality: While some locations consistently received positive reviews, others faced challenges in meeting guest expectations, leading to uneven performance across properties.

  • Limited insight into customer sentiment: Our client wanted a comprehensive view of customer sentiment to identify areas for improvement and enhance overall service quality.

The solution

Our client implemented Eclipse AI to address these challenges and drive improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Here’s how they leveraged the platform:

  1. Multi-Channel Data Collection: Eclipse AI integrated with various feedback channels, including surveys sent after guests’ stays, support call transcripts, emails, online reviews, and help tickets. This allowed for comprehensive data collection from diverse sources.

  2. Data Aggregation and Centralization: All data from different locations was aggregated and centralized in a unified platform. This enabled easy access to data from all properties and facilitated cross-location comparisons. 

  3. Sentiment Analysis: Eclipse AI employed sentiment analysis and natural language processing (NLP) to categorize and analyze guest feedback. It identified positive, negative, and neutral sentiments, as well as common themes and keywords mentioned in guest reviews and comments.

  4. Location-Based Insights: Our client could now analyze feedback on a location-specific basis. This enabled them to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each property, identify recurring issues, and recognize trends unique to certain locations.

  5. Real-Time Reporting: The platform provided real-time dashboards and reports, allowing our client to monitor guest feedback continuously and take immediate actions to address any concerns or issues.

Our client achieved

Repeat bookings and higher
levels of customer loyalty

Faster resolution of issues and improved guest satisfaction

Achieved a more consistent level of service quality at all locations

The result

The implementation of Eclipse AI yielded significant improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty for our client:

  1. Consistent Service Quality: By identifying and sharing best practices across properties, our client achieved a more consistent level of service quality, ensuring that guests’ expectations were met or exceeded at all locations.

  2. Personalized Experiences: The platform helped tailor services to meet the specific preferences of guests at each location, providing more personalized experiences and enhancing guest satisfaction.

  3. Swift Issue Resolution: Real-time monitoring allowed the company to address guest concerns promptly, leading to faster resolution of issues and improved guest satisfaction.

  4. Enhanced Marketing: Insights from Eclipse AI helped in crafting targeted marketing campaigns that resonated with the preferences and interests of guests, driving higher occupancy rates and revenue.

  5. Increased Loyalty: By consistently delivering exceptional experiences and addressing concerns effectively, the client saw an increase in repeat bookings and higher levels of customer loyalty.
Author picture
"Utilizing Eclipse AI in our multi-location hotel chain has been a game changer in elevating our customer satisfaction and loyalty. The platform's ability to integrate and analyze feedback from various channels has given us invaluable insights into our guests' experiences across different properties. We've achieved a remarkable consistency in service quality, thanks to the location-specific insights that Eclipse AI provides. This has allowed us to tailor services to meet unique customer preferences, leading to more personalized guest experiences. Additionally, the real-time reporting feature has been instrumental in swiftly resolving any guest issues, greatly enhancing overall guest satisfaction. As a result, we've seen a significant increase in repeat bookings and a stronger sense of loyalty among our guests. Eclipse AI has not only improved our operational efficiency but has also played a crucial role in refining our overall guest experience."

Chief Customer Officer


The implementation of Eclipse AI empowered our client to gain a deeper understanding of customer sentiments, improve service quality across all locations, and drive higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. This resulted in improved guest experiences, increased revenue, and a stronger competitive position in the multi-location hospitality industry.

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