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Enhancing Customer Experience for a Multi-Location Fitness Business

Our client was a multi-location fitness chain operating across Australia. They offer a wide range of fitness programs, including group classes, personal training, and gym memberships. To stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of their customers, they decided to invest in a robust CX and Voice of Customer (VoC) Analysis tool to analyze VoC data from different channels such as surveys, calls, emails, reviews, and support tickets.

The challenge


  • Lack of centralized customer feedback analysis: The client struggled with aggregating and analyzing customer feedback from various sources, leading to a fragmented understanding of customer preferences and pain points.

  • Inconsistent service quality: Different locations had varying levels of customer satisfaction, and it was challenging to identify which areas needed improvement.

  • Limited insights: The client wanted to gain deeper insights into customer sentiments, trends, and areas for improvement to enhance their services and boost customer loyalty.

The solution

The client connected Eclipse AI with their customer feedback channels, allowing them to collect and analyze data from surveys, calls, emails, reviews, and support tickets in one central platform. Here’s how they utilized Eclipse AI:

  1. Data Collection: The client set up automated data collection processes to gather feedback from multiple sources. They used email surveys, in-app reviews, and phone call transcripts, capturing feedback from customers across all locations.
  2. Data Integration: Eclipse AI aggregated data from all locations into a unified database, allowing for easy comparison and analysis. This enabled the client’s teams to see trends across locations and identify outliers.
  3. Text Analytics: Eclipse AI employed natural language processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis to extract insights from unstructured text data. It categorized feedback into positive, negative, or neutral sentiments and identified common themes and keywords.
  4. Location-Based Analytics: The client could analyze customer feedback by location, enabling them to pinpoint specific issues and trends unique to each branch. This helped in identifying which locations were excelling and which needed improvement.
  5. Real-time Dashboards: Eclipse AI provided real-time dashboards and reports, allowing ABC Fitness to monitor customer feedback continuously and make timely adjustments to their services.

Our client achieved

Enhanced service quality &
provided more consistent
customer experience

Increased positive reviews & improved online reputation

Higher customer retention & reduced churn rates

The result

The client saw significant improvements in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency following the implementation of Eclipse AI:

  1. Enhanced Service Quality: By analyzing customer feedback, the client identified areas where they needed to improve. They were able to standardize best practices across locations, resulting in a more consistent and higher-quality customer experience.
  2. Targeted Training: Eclipse AI helped in identifying locations and staff members that needed additional training or support. This led to improved employee performance and better customer interactions.
  3. Improved Product Offerings: Insights from Eclipse AI led to the introduction of new fitness programs and classes that aligned with customer preferences, resulting in increased revenue.
  4. Higher Customer Retention: With a better understanding of customer sentiments, the client was able to address issues proactively and retain more customers, reducing churn rates.
  5. Increased Positive Reviews: Eclipse AI helped in identifying and promoting the strengths of each location, leading to more positive online reviews and improved online reputation.
Author picture
Since our fitness chain started using Eclipse AI, the difference in understanding and addressing our customers' needs has been night and day. This tool has brilliantly centralized our customer feedback, allowing us to pinpoint exactly where our services excelled and where they needed improvement. We've seen a remarkable uniformity in service quality across all our locations, directly linked to the actionable insights provided by Eclipse AI's advanced analytics. Most importantly, our ability to proactively adapt to customer preferences has led to increased retention and a surge in positive reviews. It's been transformative in elevating our customer experience and refining our service offerings.

Franchise Administrator


Implementing Eclipse AI enabled the client to gain a holistic view of customer feedback, make data-driven decisions, and enhance the customer experience across all their locations. This, in turn, contributed to increased customer satisfaction, higher revenue, and improved overall performance for the multi-location fitness business.

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