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Frequently Asked Questions

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We offer various subscription packages for SMEs. Click  here  to find out more.

Yes, you can use Eclipse AI to create your own surveys or plug your existing surveys.

Eclipse AI’s physical infrastructure is hosted and managed within Amazon’s secure data centres and utilises Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon continually manages risk and undergoes recurring assessments to ensure compliance with industry standards. For more information, about our security protocols, please contact us on

We have an open API (REST API) that allows you to integrate Eclipse AI with your existing tech stack (i.e. CRM, Task Management, Survey tool, etc.).

The Eclipse AI model uses a mix of natural language processing and deep learning to analyse voice-of-customer data. The analysis is then synthesised into human-like text using GPT-3. The results in improvement actions that are easy to understand and execute. To ensure accuracy and relevance, the actions are audited by our CX experts before they go live.

We offer multiple secure payment options to suit your needs including direct debit, credit or debit card, paypal, etc.

We can analyse most structured and unstructured (free-text) data including survey data, public reviews, phone, chat, and ticket logs. Please get in touch with info@eclipse-ai or your Customer Success Manager to find out more.

We can analyse data in 40 different languages. Simply contact us at to find out more.

You can watch a short demo video here
If you’d like a detailed, personalised demo with our team, simply book a time with us here

Turn Omnichannel Voice-of-Customer into Insights

Unify omnichannel Voice-of-Customer data, analyse it at scale using AI and extract insights to improve performance metrics

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Turn siloed customer interactions into retention and revenue intelligence

Eclipse AI consolidates and analyzes omnichannel voice of customer data across different channels. Providing visibility, insights and actionable intelligence to drive revenue and growth.

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