Eclipse AI rated #1 in Proactive Customer Retention for SMEs by G2®
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G2 is a platform to share business software reviews in real-time. It leverages more than 1.3 million user reviews to drive better purchasing decisions. G2 is used by business professionals, buyers, investors, and analysts to select the best software and services based on peer reviews and synthesized social data.


Eclipse AI provides a powerful solution for customer experience teams to analyze reviews from G2 and extract actionable insights to enhance customer retention. Our platform enables you to uncover the key themes that influence both positive and negative net sentiment, offering invaluable insights into customer perceptions and sentiments.

By leveraging Eclipse AI’s advanced analytics features, you can identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement based on G2 reviews. This empowers your team to take proactive measures to address customer concerns, optimize product offerings, and deliver a more tailored and satisfying experience to your customers.


Connect your G2 reviews with eclipse AI effortlessly deep dive into your customer feedback and get AI generated actionable insights to deliver exceptional customer experience.

Turn Omnichannel Voice-of-Customer into Insights

Unify omnichannel Voice-of-Customer data, analyse it at scale using AI and extract insights to improve performance metrics

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Turn siloed customer interactions into retention and revenue intelligence

Eclipse AI consolidates and analyzes omnichannel voice of customer data across different channels. Providing visibility, insights and actionable intelligence to drive revenue and growth.

Transform your Voice-of-Customer data into insights with a couple of clicks

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