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How to calculate Customer Retention Rate

The Customer Retention Rate is a key indicator of how well your business holds onto its customers over a period. Intrigued to learn how strengthening loyalty can lead to a remarkable increase in your customer retention?

What is Customer Retention Rate
What is Customer Retention Rate

Ever experienced the hassle of trying to stick with a brand but finding little reason to stay loyal? We’ve all encountered this at some point. That’s precisely where understanding your Customer Retention Rate becomes crucial. It acts as your compass, guiding you towards what keeps your customers coming back time and again.

Curious about transforming one-time purchases into long-lasting customer relationships? Let’s explore how.

What is Customer Retention Rate

The Customer Retention Rate is a vital metric that measures the ability of a company to retain its customers over a given period. It often involves tracking the number of customers who continue to engage with your business against those who do not, over time.

This metric is typically calculated by assessing the percentage of customers who remain active or make repeat purchases within a specific timeframe. The aim of focusing on Customer Retention Rate is to pinpoint strategies that effectively keep customers engaged and loyal to your brand.

Enhancing Customer Retention Rate is crucial for business growth, as retaining existing customers is often more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. A high retention rate indicates strong customer loyalty and satisfaction, contributing to a stable revenue stream and potential for positive word-of-mouth promotion. Conversely, a low retention rate signals a need for improvement in customer relationship management and satisfaction efforts.

How to calculate Customer Retention Rate

Calculating the Customer Retention Rate (CRR) involves a few simple steps and requires knowing the number of customers at the start and end of a period, as well as the number of new customers acquired during that time. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start with the Right Numbers:

    • Customers at the Start of Period (S): The total number of customers you had at the beginning of the time period you’re analyzing.
    • Customers at the End of Period (E): The total number of customers at the end of the period.
    • New Customers Acquired (N): The number of new customers acquired during the period.
  2. The Formula: The formula to calculate Customer Retention Rate is:

how to find customer retention rate
Customer Effort Score Formula

This formula subtracts the new customers from the total number of customers at the end of the period to focus only on those who were retained, not the newly acquired ones. The result is then divided by the total number of customers at the start of the period, and finally, multiplied by 100 to convert it to a percentage.

  1. Calculate: Plug your numbers into the formula to find your CRR.


  • If you started the quarter with 500 customers (S),
  • Ended with 600 customers (E),
  • And acquired 200 new customers (N) during that time,

Your calculation would be:

CRR = (600 – 200) / 500 =  90%


This means you retained 90% of your customer base during the quarter, not counting new customers.

What is a good Customer Retention Rate

Defining a “good” Customer Retention Rate (CRR) isn’t one-size-fits-all; it varies by industry, business model, and competitive landscape. Yet, a higher CRR is universally seen as a marker of customer satisfaction and business health. Here’s a brief breakdown:

  • Industry Benchmark: Industries like SaaS or essential services often see higher CRRs due to the nature of their offerings. Retail or e-commerce may have lower benchmarks due to fierce competition.
  • Aim High: While benchmarks vary, sectors like SaaS view 90% as strong, whereas 60% might be excellent in retail.
  • Continuous Improvement: An increasing CRR over time signals growing customer loyalty and successful retention strategies.
  • Impact on Profitability: Just a 5% increase in CRR can boost profits by 25% to 95%, highlighting the power of retention.
  • Personal Goals Matter: What’s “good” also depends on your business goals, market position, and competitive dynamics.

In essence, while aiming for industry benchmarks is a start, striving for continuous improvement and aligning strategies with your unique business context is key to defining what a good CRR means for you.

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How to improve Customer Retention Ratio

If you’re finding yourself saying, “our customer retention rate has decreased”, here’s a concise, engaging action plan to turn things around:

  1. Delight with Customer Experience: Elevate your product quality and customer service. Make every interaction memorable.

  2. Stay in Touch: Use newsletters and personalized updates to keep your brand in your customers’ minds.

  3. Act on Feedback: Show you value customer opinions by implementing their suggestions, enhancing loyalty.

  4. Reward Loyalty: Launch a loyalty program that rewards repeat business. Think discounts, exclusive perks, and referral bonuses.

  5. Personalize: Tailor offers and communications. Make every customer feel like your only customer.

  6. Be There 24/7: Offer stellar, responsive customer support. Solve problems swiftly to turn negatives into positives.

  7. Leverage Tech: Use CRM tools to anticipate needs and personalize experiences, making every interaction count.

  8. Educate and Engage: Share valuable content that enriches their experience with your product or service.

  9. Foster Community: Build a vibrant community around your brand, enhancing customer attachment.

  10. Adapt and Evolve: Regularly review and refine your strategies based on feedback and changing customer needs.

How does Netflix maintain a high customer retention rate

Netflix maintains a high customer retention rate through a combination of strategies focused on customer satisfaction and engagement:

  1. Personalized Content: Netflix uses sophisticated algorithms to recommend shows and movies based on individual viewing habits, enhancing the user experience with personalized content.
  2. Constant Innovation: The platform regularly updates its technology and interface for seamless streaming and user-friendly navigation.
  3. Exclusive and Diverse Content: Netflix invests heavily in a wide range of exclusive and original content, catering to diverse tastes and keeping subscribers engaged.
  4. Convenience: Offering flexible subscription plans, the ability to watch on multiple devices, and an ad-free experience contributes to its high retention rates.
  5. Global Accessibility: Netflix’s expansion into over 190 countries allows it to capture and retain a global audience by offering localized content alongside international hits.

By prioritizing the viewer experience, continuously innovating, and providing a rich, diverse content library, Netflix effectively keeps its subscribers coming back for more.


Understanding and improving your Customer Retention Rate (CRR) is essential for your business’s long-term success and growth. A strong CRR signifies a loyal customer base, reduced acquisition costs, and increased profitability.

You can significantly boost your retention rates by implementing strategies focused on enhancing customer satisfaction, providing omnichannel customer experience, personalizing experiences, and continuously engaging with your audience.

Remember, the key to a high CRR lies in meeting but exceeding customer expectations, fostering strong relationships, and always being willing to adapt to changing customer needs and market dynamics to provide exceptional customer experience.

As you refine your approach to customer retention, keep in mind the power of listening to your customer feedback and evolving your strategies accordingly. With a committed focus on your customers, your business can achieve not only a high Customer Retention Rate but also a more vibrant and sustainable future.

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