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Eclipse AI for Marketing Teams

Increase Repeat Purchase Rate Boost Customer Lifetime Value Improve Return on Ad Spend

Equip your Marketing teams with powerful insights that help Better Understand What Customers Want.

4 Ways Eclipse AI helps Marketing Teams

Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost Improve Return on Ad Spend


Why settle for hit-or-miss when you can hit the bullseye every time? Eclipse AI provides the marketing team with actionable insights and recommendations to enhance performance. These insights include specific suggestions for optimising ad campaigns, refining customer acquisition strategies, and addressing pain points mentioned by customers. This helps marketing teams to prioritise their efforts and make data-driven decisions.

Drive engagement, conversion, and growth


Understanding your audience is the key to engagement, conversion, and growth. Eclipse AI not only eliminates wasteful spending but also unearths invaluable insights about your audience’s and your competition. This deep understanding empowers you to craft messages that resonate and campaigns that captivate.

Compare Performance with Industry Competitors


Utilise our Generative AI-powered platform to swiftly assess your performance against industry competitors. Gain immediate insights into your competitors’ reviews and sentiments, equipping you to secure a winning edge.

Take charge of your online reputation


With Eclipse AI, marketing teams gain the power of real-time insights from social media feedback, enabling them to stay ahead by promptly identifying changes in discussion volume and net sentiment related to your brand.

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Aggregated View of Voice of Customer


Eclipse AI unifies voice of customers from different sources (emails, chats, surveys, tickets and calls) to provide an aggregated view of how a product is perceived, potentially saving your team hundreds of hours of data consolidation.

"As the Marketing Director, I cannot express enough how your AI platform has transformed our business. With Eclipse AI's powerful sentiment analysis capabilities, we gained a deeper understanding of our customers. The platform's actionable insights guided our decision-making processes, helping us refine our ad campaigns, optimise our customer acquisition strategies, and address specific pain points mentioned by our customers. The iterative optimization approach enabled us to adapt quickly, resulting in significant performance improvements. By targeting the most valuable customer segments based on feedback analysis, we achieved a substantial reduction in customer acquisition costs while attracting high-quality leads."

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Turn Omnichannel Voice-of-Customer into Insights

Unify omnichannel Voice-of-Customer data, analyse it at scale using AI and extract insights to improve performance metrics

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Turn siloed customer interactions into retention and revenue intelligence

Eclipse AI consolidates and analyzes omnichannel voice of customer data across different channels. Providing visibility, insights and actionable intelligence to drive revenue and growth.

Transform your Voice-of-Customer data into insights with a couple of clicks

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