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Eclipse AI Helps a Web App Stay Ahead of the Competition by Reducing Customer Churn and Boosting Loyalty

Our client achieved

Marked improvements in Customer Loyalty


CX teams use the actionable insights from Eclipse AI for informed decision making

17% reduction in Customer Churn


Client Overview


Our client, a Web App company based out of Australia-New Zealand region was facing increasing customer churn. Despite having a user-friendly online platform that provided a seamless experience, churn rate had risen by an average of 30% over two years.

The client had tried several software tools to reduce churn but had not seen significant change. They needed a new and innovative approach that would identify the ‘real’ causes of churn and measure the effectiveness of their improvement efforts.

Why the client chose Eclipse AI


The client was initially using three different analytics platforms for monitoring UI/UX and voice-of-customer. With each platform focusing on just one thing, the CX team was failing to see the big picture. Eclipse AI changed all this by unifying voice-of-customer data from all channels and creating a single source of truth.

By unifying multichannel voice-of-customer data, analysing it and generating actionable intelligence from it, Eclipse AI enabled the client to shift from siloed decision making to informed and holistic decision making. The client was now able to make sense of customer feedback in real time, which allowed them to identify the underlying causes of churn more accurately.

CX Improvements with Eclipse AI


Actionable insights generated by Eclipse AI helped the client decide which new features they should add to their Web App. The client built some of the most popular features in their Web App based on the customer feedback insights provided by Eclipse AI.
 The result was a 17% reduction in churn, improved loyalty, and accelerated growth.

Author picture

"Eclipse AI is helping us get on the front-foot and become more proactive when it comes to improving our customer retention. The generative AI is providing us timely and very valuable intel on customer churn prediction"

Chloe Roberts
Head of Customer Experience

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